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Appendix G An entry for each variable.

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ARG1ST: main variables
ARGC: main variables
ARGC1: main variables
ARGV: main variables
ARGV1: main variables

mbfl_main_pending_EXIT_CODE: main exit
mbfl_main_SCRIPT_FUNCTION: main function
mbfl_program_BGPID: program executing
mbfl_split_PATH: program checking

script_AUTHOR: service variables
script_COPYRIGHT_YEARS: service variables
script_DESCRIPTION: service variables
script_EXAMPLES: service variables
script_LICENSE: service variables
script_PROGNAME: service variables
script_USAGE: service variables
script_VERSION: service variables
sendmail-mbfl-auth-info: sendmail script emacs vars
sendmail-mbfl-connector: sendmail script emacs vars
sendmail-mbfl-envelope-from-function: sendmail script emacs vars
sendmail-mbfl-envelope-to-function: sendmail script emacs vars
sendmail-mbfl-extra-args: sendmail script emacs vars
sendmail-mbfl-extract-addresses-function: sendmail script emacs vars
sendmail-mbfl-host-info: sendmail script emacs vars
sendmail-mbfl-hostname-function: sendmail script emacs vars
sendmail-mbfl-program: sendmail script emacs vars
sendmail-mbfl-timeout: sendmail script emacs vars
sendmail-mbfl-username-function: sendmail script emacs vars
SPLITCOUNT: strings splitting
SPLITFIELD: strings splitting

TESTMATCH: testing running
TESTSTART: testing running
TESTSUCCESS: testing running

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This document describes version 3.0.0-devel.0 of Marcos Bash Functions Library.