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6 Language extensions

In addition to the libraries listed in the R6RS standard, Vicare offers more libraries which provide additional features; here is a list of some of them:


It is a composite library, it exports a superset of all the supported bindings of R6RS.

(vicare language-extensions)

It exports all the bindings exported by (vicare) that are not exported by (rnrs (6)).

(vicare platform constants)

Exports one syntax identifier binding for each platform constant that makes sense to access from Scheme.

(vicare platform utilities)

Defines helper functions to deal with platform specific issues; (vicare-libs)Hosting platform utilities for details.

(vicare platform features)

Exports an identifier syntax for every HAVE_ symbol defined by the configuration script configure; such syntaxes expand to a boolean value: #t if the feature is available, #f otherwise.

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