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4.31.1 Configuring logging facilities

The following bindings are exported by the library (vicare posix log-files).

Parameter: logging-enabled?

Boolean: true if logging is enabled, false otherwise. It is initialised to #f.

Parameter: log-port

A textual output port to which log messages must be written; the port is expected to have line buffering, but this is not required. It is initialised to the value of the parameter current-output-port at the time the library is instantiated.

This parameter is configured by calls to open-logging.

Parameter: log-prefix

A string representing the prefix for every log message; it can be the empty string. It is initialised to the empty string. It is useful to include the ID of the current process in this prefix string, getpid.

Parameter: log-pathname

False or a Scheme string representing the log file pathname. The special string "-" means: log to the error port. It is initialised to "-".

If desired, this parameter should be configured before calling open-logging.