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8.5 Other functions

Function: mbfl_actions_fake_action_set action-set

Mutate MBFL’s state to mimic the selection of an action set. It is an error if action-set is not the name of an existent action set. This function should be used with care.

Function: mbfl_actions_print_usage_screen

If an action set has been selected and its name is not ‘NONE’: print the help screen documenting the actions available in the set.

Function: exit_because_invalid_action_declaration
Function: return_because_invalid_action_declaration

Exit or return with code 96.

Function: exit_because_invalid_action_set
Function: return_because_invalid_action_set

Exit or return with code 97.

Function: exit_because_invalid_action_argument
Function: return_because_invalid_action_argument

Exit or return with code 95

Function: exit_because_missing_action_function
Function: return_because_missing_action_function

Exit or return with code 94.

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This document describes version 3.0.0-devel.0 of Marcos Bash Functions Library.