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Cyclone Scheme

As experiment, I have ported some code under Cyclone Scheme. It is an interesting Scheme language implementation in that:

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing (May 22, 2020), Cyclone does not explicitly support handling C language source files with the same flexibility of the hand–written ones: generating object files and linking them into executable programs, shared libraries, static libraries. It has some requirements to how the shared libraries must be generated and installed; I do not like them.

mmux Cyclone Pregexp

Dorai Sitaram’s Pregexp regular expressions library. Github. Bitbucket.

mmux Cyclone Checks

A port of srfi-78 Lightweight Testing. Github. Bitbucket.

mmux Cyclone ScmObj

Port of Dorai Sitaram’s ScmObj to Cyclone Scheme. Github. Bitbucke.

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