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Chicken Scheme

chicken is a compiler for the Scheme programming language. It compiles Scheme to the C language, relying on an external C compiler to produce binaries; I think this is the best. It supports multithreading only through non–native, green threads.

For a while I have been attracted to this implementation because of the translation to C; it did not last long unfortunately. I do not like very much the language dialect; there is no official support to compile multiple source files into native, binary executables and shared libraries.

Anyway I ported some code under chicken, and I had a lot of fun doing it.

MMCK chicken Compiler Use Examples. A collection of Makefile examples that build binaries out of Scheme source files without using the built–in chicken packaging system.

MMCK chicken Docs. Some gnu Texinfo documentation on the chicken ecosystem, either written by me or ported from other formats.

MMCK Template. A template project I use as base for packaging infrastructure.

MMCK Checks. A port of srfi-78 Lightweight testing.

MMCK Exceptional Conditions. Scheme libraries to handle exceptional–conditions the way I like.

MMCK Lang. Scheme libraries that extend the language; mostly syntaxes.

MMCK Lists. Scheme libraries to handle lists.

MMCK Vectors. Scheme libraries to handle vectors.

MMCK Strings. Scheme libraries to handle strings.

MMCK Records. Scheme libraries to handle records.

MMCK Fectors. Functional vectors as implemented by Ian Price.

MMCK PFDS. Purely functional data structures as implemented by Ian Price.

MMCK Infix. Infix to prefix notation transformer.

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