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On the importance of scenery

Posted on Thu Jun 22, 2017

I do some bicycling; I’m no athlete; I’m not even an amateur bicyclist; I just do some bicycling. It is sometimes hard to stick to it.

In Summer I do a mostly out–of–town circuit, with some segments of Nature. This means inserting my bike into a 15-centimetres-wide mountain-bike trail, with bushes and nettles scratching me with enthusiasm. It’s fun! Some segments between fields are quite boring after the first 100 times: they are straight lines in the open and the scenery does not change for a while. For a period of time it was fine: I had time to think, out of everything.

In Winter I do a town circuit; I’ve built it after several iterations, year after year, piece by piece, turn by turn; there are a lot of corners to go around. After every corner the scenery is different. I especially like it when there is fog: bicycling in Winter’s foggy darkness is dreamy. (I do not go through dangerous neighbourhoods; I stay away from high traffic.)

If the scenery changes often, you keep going.

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