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Tarballs for everything

Posted on Jan 31, 2017

I am establishing a milestone for Vicare’s development: Vicare Scheme revision 0.4d1. It is somewhat usable, even though some error messages are horrible. I have upgraded all the packages I maintain to be compliant to that revision; almost all of them have the revision 0.4d1.

I have tagged the commits in the repositories at Github and Bitbucket; uploaded new tarballs in the download sections of all the projects at Bitbucket; uploaded the documentation in HTML format at my site, all the files should be reachable from Vicare’s home page.

Unfortunately the project libESMTP is no more maintained and the original distribution site is gone; I have uploaded the latest tarball I have to the download area of Vicare/libESMTP, so that package is still usable.

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