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Stuff on life

Posted on Jan 26, 2017

Ever felt Nature’s calling? No, not that calling of Nature, this calling of Nature. Sometimes I desire to affirm a bit of my identity as male selvatico (there is no english translation I find appropriate). Like… learning how to survive in the canadian forest.

That would be tough. I am a city kid. I am used to bike everywhere. I can barely stand the countryside, with the long distances and all those disgusting insects. However, it would be a thing to do.

Since a long time ago I dreamt of a holiday in a deep forest: it would be a manly man vacation. This is no sexism, I speculate a very small percentage of females would be interested. Females would, most likely, prefer to go to, say, Paris? Which obviously I would also like, along with Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, New Zealand…

But confronting yourself with true wilderness would be special. Really defining. It is very unlikely to happen. But I can still dream of it…

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