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Stuff on life

Posted on Mon Jan 2, 2017

When dealing with love troubles you may be tempted to rationalise. Rationalising can be bad, an inferior way of behaving: “Oh, good! You are rationalising… You schmuck!!” I am convinced that rational thinking is a great resource, even though you are always on the verge of falling into making excuses. What’s the alternative when you want to pull yourself together?

Once upon a time, I believed that I could feel when a certain person was near; that I could detect her with some special superpower. That felt so romantic! 2

It was untrue.

What was true is that a portion of my mind was always looking for her, always scanning the surrounding Universe for her face, her voice, her way of walking… So, when she was actually there, I could find her; and this gave me the special illusion. It really consumed my mind…

Is that any less romantic? Is that worryingly sick?



To me. Maybe not so much to her…

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