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Stuff about life

Posted on Sun Feb 14, 2017

Buon San Valentino to the only female that can wound my heart, otherwise invulnerable.
Wherever you are today.

This is not a romantic post. And there is no irony: I really wish her a good day.

There are plenty of women that I find attractive, and not only “the beautiful ones”. I am fairly sure that any day I can take a stroll downtown and cross at least one female that is not only attractive, but specially attractive; one I would like to know because she gives me the impression to have that something. I have seen one yesterday (too young…).

It happened many times, to meet a woman that captures my attention; but then, from one day to the next, I just stop thinking to her, without even realising it, like it is nothing. I am a man among billions, all the same.

One female is still there. One that can really hurt me. One that has destroyed my brain.

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