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More mumblings on programming

Posted on Wed Feb 1, 2017

Lately I have been thinking about what I could have learned in the years I made myself busy with the Scheme language. Recently, I have inflicted myself a hard slap in the face; it must have changed the connections between my neurons, because it disrupted my routine way of thinking1; I realise now those Scheme years have been dark years.

As I have written before, I tried some non–mainstream languages prior to landing in Scheme. What if I had stuck with C? What if I had learned to program Arduino boards? What if I had focused on learning Programmable Logic Controllers? (In high school, I was good at programming PLCs; going to university made me forget who I am… but this is the subject for another post.)

I want to put the development of my Scheme projects on hiatus; I will fix bugs if it does not take much time, but no more active development. For a while I want to develop my C language skills; I want to refresh some things that I forgot how to do, like multithreading.

Then? It has been a while since I tried a new language, but I am not sure that learning a new programming language is a good idea. There is this deep learning thing I might want to study a bit (I know nothing now). Maybe other stuff.



Maybe it made me start a midlife crisis.

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