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New package… a Scheme one

Posted on Wed Aug 9, 2017

I pushed a new package today: I recycled some old code and packaged an infix to prefix syntax transformer for Chez Scheme; it uses a Pratt parser. It is a standard package of mine, using the GNU Autotools and providing documentation in Texinfo format. It’s my first package for Chez.

It’s been some days since I last touched code; I needed to do something.

This package is an experiment to see how it is to compile with Chez and install binary code without source; some Scheme implementation, especially the R6RS ones, require you to always install source code. It is not bad; I fought a little to find the right setup for GNU Automake’s parallel test harness, but now that it is working it will be easy to use that infrastructure for other packages.

I dunno what it means that I got back to Scheme. I should not get psycho about this.

It is a true pain for me that Chez’s documentation is not available in Info format; it is hard to find my way with documentation in HTML format.

I am me, so I have built and installed Chez using the name chez for the main executable, rather than the default scheme. Life is hard.

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