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Miscellaneous stuff

Posted on Thu Oct 20, 2016

Work on various features of Vicare. Some errors in the typed language implementation have been fixed.

The documentation of the typed language is now in its own Texinfo file vicare-typed.texi; so the documentation in Info format is now browsable from the terminal with the command info vicare-typed, or by opening the main Info file info vicare-scheme and then selecting the main menu entry types. In this file: the documentation of the built–in types (<fixnum>, <string>, et cetera) has gone a bit out of sync; I am trying to catch up, also changing the format of the methods’ description.

The safe syntactic bindings for handling structures are now in the library (vicare system structs); their documentation has been moved under the node syslib of the main documentation file vicare-scheme.texi. The unsafe syntactic bindings for handling structures are still in the library (vicare system $structs). This breaks backwards compatibility.

The library (vicare net channels) has been rewritten under the typed language; this was a good exercise that uncovered problems and errors in the typed language. This is not a library I am particularly proud of, but… whatever. It is there and (like everything else) it can be further developed to make it better.

Documenting libraries’ version number

While doing revisions of libraries under the (vicare ---) hierarchy: I am updating their version numbers. I am copying the scheme of the Industria package4, which (up to version 1.4) used the triplet year number, month number, day number in the version specification of libraries. I am using such triplet after the major and minor version numbers; so now I have library names like (vicare net channels (0 4 2016 10 20)). Good? Bad? Time will tell.

There is a problem: how do I put the library version number in the Texinfo documentation? Should I update it by hand? Should I update it with some automation script? Up to now I have been very sloppy with this important information.



By the way: I should pull the latest changes from the upstream package into my repackaging for Vicare at Industria.

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