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Stuff on life

Posted on Tue Dec 6, 2016

At my age it is too late to have kids (I already find myself tired after a couple of hours of jumping, dancing, running around the table and rolling on the floor with my 7yo niece). Despite that: for many years I have thought about names for a daughter and a son, and I still do.

For a female: I have settled on Siomena, which has the nice nicknames Sio and the kawaii, japanese–flavoured Sio-chan; it is a three–syllables word which couples fine with my two–syllables surname (just in case). In the context of the italian culture: Siomena has an exotic vibe; but not completely foreign, because we can pronounce it quite easily. Not last, searching for Siomena on the web returns only a few results: it is at least a very rare name.

I am still working on a male name.

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