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Repositories woes (2015 March 05 bis)

I have been unhappy with SourceForge for some time: my experience, lately, is that if I am not logged in I cannot download realease tarballs; it appears they are not letting me create new projects. I feel unwelcome. Well… their website, their rules. To tell the truth: I only used SourceForge because they offer a Downloads section for release tarballs.

Gitorious is being acquired by GitLab. To tell the truth: I only used Gitorious as backup for my Vicare repository on Github. Anyway, Gitorious is going west; they suggest to migrate repositories under GitLab.

I feel fine with Github, although there is no Downloads section I can use. Lately I started appreciating Bitbucket: the website is nice; free repositories are quickly created and it is possible to import them from Github; each repository has a Downloads section for tarballs.

So: I will drop SourceForge removing all my repositories from their site; I will just drop out of Gitorious; I will (slowly) duplicate my Github repositories to Bitbucket. Good luck to myself.

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