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Projects review

Posted on June 8, 2015

General projects cleanup at Github. I have removed the projects: ‘r6rs-sofa’, ‘r6rs-infix’, ‘r6rs-readline-wrappers’; I do not have the energy to maintain them anymore.

Anyway, more reviews of Vicare’s extensions implementing interfaces to foreign libraries. Having formally abandoned Sourceforge and Gitorious, the code is on Github and Bitbucket.


The International Astronomical Union’s SOFA Collection consists of two libraries of routines, one coded in Fortran 77 the other in ANSI C. There is a suite of vector/matrix routines and various utilities that underpin the astronomy algorithms.

Back then, I repackaged the original distribution under the GNU Autotools; the result is atsofa. The work I did for this package is a true madness: I am really not interested in Astronomy. I had some steam to release…

Vicare’s code from ‘r6rs-sofa’ is now in a Vicare–only package: Vicare/SOFA.


Once upon a time I started an extension: Vicare/Neon; it is an interface for the Neon C language library. The last time I checked, Neon was significantly underdocumented (according to my standards). I never got around to finish this package. I have decided to drop it. Work wasted. That is life.

I have a pretty decent (for me) interface to the GSASL package: Vicare/GSASL. GSASL appears to be abandonware in search of new maintainers. This saddens me, but there is nothing I can do: I know almost nothing of crypto stuff, authentication and the SASL mechanisms. Right now GSASL does not even compile on my system. It annoys me to waste Vicare/GSASL: I want this package to exist. I do not know what to do.

I have a pretty decent (for me) interface to the libESMTP C language library: Vicare/libESMTP. This library is, in practice, abandonware; but it works fine. It depends on GSASL, so while Vicare/GSASL is stalled, Vicare/libESMTP is stalled too. Darn!

Back then, I started a package to interface OpenSSL: Vicare/OpenSSL. I have put some significant effort in this package, but OpenSSL is so big that much more work is needed. Sooner or later I will come around and update this package to Vicare ‘0.4’; then I will decide what to do.

The are a couple of packages for which I started a project, but never got around to actually develop them: Vicare/GMIME, Vicare/Cairo. I will have to do something about them.

Industria is kicking me hard. This package has uncovered errors in Vicare: I have to whip myself into fixing them. But first I have to understand what is going on. Anyway, I have updated the package to Vicare ‘0.4’. The latest error happens when I compile the libraries running make:

*** Vicare: unhandled exception:
 Condition components:
   1. &compiler-internal-error
   2. &library: compiler
   3. &module: assemble-sources
   4. &who: xorl
   5. &message: "invalid instruction operands"
   6. &irritants: ((xorl 2264 %edi) 2264 %edi)

the Assembly instruction ‘xorl’ wants ‘%eax’ as second operand when the first operand is a 32-bit constant; for some reason this constraints is not enforced by the compiler, so ‘%edi’ is selected by the register allocator. I will have to research why.

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