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53 A lexical analyser generator

The library (vicare parser-tools silex) generates a lexical analyser table from a Lex–like specification file. The library (vicare parser-tools silex lexer) generates a Scheme lexical analyser using a supplied table. It is suggested to import these libraries with the ‘lex.’ prefix, as in:

(import (vicare)
  (prefix (vicare parser-tools silex)       lex.)
  (prefix (vicare parser-tools silex lexer) lex.))

“SILex” stands for “Scheme Implementation of Lex”. The library is a port to R6RS Scheme of SILex version 1.0 by Danny Dube’. The original code is available at (URL last verified Oct 8, 2013):

The library (vicare parser-tools silex utilities) implements convenience facilities to use SILex. It is suggested to use SILex with the facilities of the libraries in the hierarchey (nausicaa parser-tools ---).