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23 List library

The libraries (vicare containers lists) and (vicare containers lists stx) implement a collection of functions and macros to manipulate lists; additionally, (vicare containers lists low) implements a collection of low level utilities. These libraries have two purposes: to provide a rich set of functions and macros and to be a source code repository from which code can be taken and specialised. For the last purpose, the libraries export macros that may make little sense in most scenarios (beside the fact that they are always inlined).

NOTE The libraries in the hierarchy (vicare containers lists ---) and this section of documentation are derived from the SRFI-1 document and reference implementation by Olin Shivers, but they are not compatible with it. Read carefully this documentation!

To avoid identifier collisions: it is suggested to import these libraries with the prefix list., as in:

(import (vicare)
  (prefix (vicare containers lists) list.))

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