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28.1 Data type definitions

The following bindings are exported by the library (vicare containers bytevector-compounds).

R6RS Record Type: bytevector-compound

Record type representing a bytevector compound. When instances of this type are used as arguments to functions: this documentation identifies them as bvcom.

Function: bytevector-compound? obj

Return #t if obj is an instance of bytevector-compound, else return #f.

Validation clauses

The following bindings are to be used with the facilities of the library (vicare arguments validation), Optional function arguments validation.

Validation Clause: bytevector-compound obj
Validation Clause: false-or-bytevector-compound obj

Succeed if obj is an instance of bytevector-compound. The second clause accepts also #f.

Validation Clause: bytevector-compound/filled obj

Succeed if obj is an instance of bytevector-compound and it contains at least one octet.