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41.3.1 Unbalanced binary node data type

The following syntactic bindings are exported by the library (vicare containers binary-search-trees).

R6RS Record Type: <unbalanced-binary-node>

Record type representing a node in a binary tree. The <unbalanced-binary-node> type is non–generative and available for subtyping. It is derived from <binary-node>. In this documentation <unbalanced-binary-node> object arguments to functions are indicated as unode.

Function: make-unbalanced-binary-node
Function: make-unbalanced-binary-node left right

Build and return a new instance of <unbalanced-binary-node>. The optional arguments left and right must be #f or instances of <unbalanced-binary-node> representing the left and right subtrees. The parent field of the new instance is set to #f.

Function: unbalanced-binary-node? obj

Return #t if obj is an instance of <unbalanced-binary-node>; otherwise return #f.